I’m the Old Guy you see schlepping around the mall with kids in tow, always looking exhausted. House, wife, kids, dog, and working 6 days a week. Yep. That’s me.

What you don’t know is that one of my life’s passions is playing the guitar. I’ve been playing some kind of instrument since I was four. In 1991, I saw a posthumous telecast of Stevie Ray Vaughan on Austin City Limits playing “Tightrope”, and right then and there, I know I had to learn to play.

So I strung up an old classical guitar we had in the closet and my never ending journey began. Guitars, pedal, amps, recording gear, oh my! And I continue to learn. Now it’s easier than ever with Youtube. You don’t have to slow down records with rocks to learn the licks anymore!

This is an ever present journey of learning and trying to improve. Enjoy the ride!