The Purge

I was a digital guy for years. Many years ago, I went all out and sold everything I had, but my #1 Guitar in order to save up and buy the ultimate piece of digital gear. An Axe Fx II Mk II. I had to have one! Steve Vai had one. John Petrucci had one. I had to have one. So i got one. And the MFC-101 foot controller. And a XiTone 1×12 Active Wedge. The perfect digital rig. I learned to use it, tweak it, record with it, and spent many hours of pure fun playing through it. So what happened?

Life happened. Work, kids, house, etc. You know. The old story. Pretty soon, I was tweaking more than I was playing. That OCD in me, looking for “that sound” happened. It’s not the rig’s fault. It’s mine. Pretty soon, I was tweaking more than I was playing. Then the playing stopped all together. That’s very bad for me.

So I sat down and discovered, that I needed to go back to simplicity. Back to my roots so to speak. Guitar, Amp, some pedals and done. So I sold everything. Except my #1 guitar. IMG_0635

This one. Ain’t she a beauty? A 2000 American Standard Stratocaster with a RW fingerboard and 3 tone sunburst, a la SRV. That little amp is post-purge, but we’ll get to that later.

I got to work selling everything and as I was doing that, I was doing A TON of research. What Amp? What Pedals? What other stuff would I need to record a guitar amp? With the Axe Fx II, I just needed a USB cable. What else would I need to record an Amp? Before the Axe Fx II, I had never done any recording, so this was all new to me.

My hope with this blog is to guide you through my journey of analog rediscovery, so to speak. No digital gear at all. Well almost. We’ll get to that, too.